AUSZEICHNUNGEN / Auszeichnungen

AESCA-MSD Hauptpreis (Best Publication) 2010:

The Liver-Selective Thyromimetic T-0681 Influences Reverse Cholesterol Transport and Atherosclerosis Development in Mice

Ivan Tancevski, Egon Demetz, Philipp Eller, Kristina Duwensee, Julia Hoefer, Christiane Heim, Ursula Stanzl, Andreas Wehinger, Kristina Auer, Regina Karer, Julia Huber, Wilfried Schgoer, Miranda Van Eck, Jonathan Vanhoutte, Catherine Fievet, Frans Stellaard, Mats Rudling, Josef R. Patsch, Andreas Ritsch

PLoS ONE 5(1): e8722

AESCA-MSD Vortragspreis (Best Presentation) 2010:

Cubilin, a binding protein for apolipoproteins A-I and A-V, in chicken embryonic development

Reimund Bauer

Sex-specific aspects of LRP-2 expression and its characteristics in different model systems

Julia Plieschnig

Molecular probes for lipase detection in living cells

Matthias Schittmayer


AESCA-MSD Hauptpreis (Best Publication) 2009:

Lipolytic and esterolytic activity-based profiling of murine liver

Ruth Birner-Gruenberger, Heidrun Susani-Etzerodt, Manfred Kollroser, Gerald N. Rechberger and Albin Hermetter

Proteomics. 2008, 8, 3645-3656.

AESCA-MSD Posterpreise (Best Posters) 2009:

Decrease of plasma lipoprotein(a) during weight reduction in obese children is modified by the kringle-IV repeat copy number variation of the apolipoprotein(a) gene

A. Brandstätter, A. Lingenhel, K. Zwiauer, W. Strobl, and F. Kronenberg

Capturing the genetic variation in the ATGL gene by ecotilling: the rare mutation approach

S. Coassin, A. Brandstätter, B. Paulweber, C. Lamina, S. C. Hunt, and F. Kronenberg

AESCA-MSD Vortragspreis (Best Presentation) 2009:

Endothelial lipase promotes endothelial prostanoid synthesis

Monika Riederer


AESCA-MSD Hauptpreis (Best Publication) 2008:

Regulation of protein C inhibitor (PCI) activity by specific oxidized and negatively charged phospholipids.

Malleier JM, Oskolkova O, Bochkov V, Jerabek I, Sokolikova B, Perkmann T, Breuss J, Binder BR, Geiger M.

Blood. 2007;109(11):4769-76.

AESCA-MSD Posterpreis (Best Poster) 2008:

Characterization of a new apolipoprotein

B. Nikolay, D.B. Raich, J.D. Schneider, T.M. Bajari, W.J. Schneider, M. Hermann

AESCA-MSD Vortragspreis (Best Presentation) 2008:

Efforts in identifying the mitochondrial Ca2+ uniporter signalplex on the protein level

M. Trenker, R. Malli, W.F. Graier


AESCA-MSD Hauptpreis 2007:

Aspirin regulates expression and function of scavenger receptor-BI in macrophages: studies in primary human macrophages and in mice. FASEB J. 2006 Jul;20(9):1328-35.

Tancevski I, Wehinger A, Schgoer W, Eller P, Cuzzocrea S, Foeger B, Patsch JR, Ritsch A.

AESCA-MSD Posterpreise 2007:

The hepato-oocyte-embryo axis: lipolytic enzymes in the chicken

J. Saarela, G. Jung, J. Nimpf, W.J. Schneider

Transcriptional regulation of hepatic TRB3 gene expression in humans.

H. Oberkofler, A. Pfeifenberger, S. Soyal, T. Felder, P. Hahne, K. Miller, F. Krempler, W. Patsch


AESCA-MSD Hauptpreis 2006:

The lipolytic proteome of mouse adipose tissue Mol Cell Proteomics. 2005 Nov;4(11):1710-7

Birner-Gruenberger R, Susani-Etzerodt H, Waldhuber M, Riesenhuber G, Schmidinger H, Rechberger G, Kollroser M, Strauss JG, Lass A, Zimmermann R, Haemmerle G, Zechner R, Hermetter A

AESCA-MSD Posterpreise 2006:

Amnionless: a receptor for lipoprotein transport in the chicken yolk sac?

S. Christian, M. Hermann, K. Grünstäudl, J. Nimpf, W.J. Schneider

The ATGL gene is associated with free fatty acids,triglycerides and type 2 diabetes.

V. Schoenborn, I.M. Heid, C. Vollmert, A. Lingenhel, T.D. Adams, P.N. Hopkins, T. Illig, R. Zimmermann, R. Zechner, S.C. Hunt, F. Kronenberg